Strategy And Processes
Our surveys are a unique combination of advanced analytics, leading-edge technology and comprehensive change management capabilities. With a range of competency mapping questionnaire, projective techniques,employee satisfaction survey, each of these tools provide the insights that can be converted to actions you can implement efficiently and sustain over a period of time.

Based on your needs, we design a customized survey for your employees. We choose questions that maximize our ability to collect valid and reliable data that can be applied to your situation. While some questions are ‘industry specific,’ we put in a great effort to identify a number of questions that pinpoint pressure point(s) in your organization. We understand your issues and phrase the questions in exact terms that everyone in your organization will understand.

We create a system of metrics that serve multiple purposes-

  • Establish a baseline against future change.
  • Comparison between units (departments, managers, facilities, regions, locations, communities, age-groups, etc).
  • Form a basis for determining merit or performance standards.

Our Surveys are a flexible, user-friendly and low-cost service that helps to capture the opinions of your people on key dimensions that are most critical to the success of your business. The service can be implemented rapidly on a global basis.

We offer the following surveys:

  • Organizational Diagnostic Surveys
  • Organizational Health Surveys
  • Climate & Cultural Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Organization Specific Surveys