Founded in 1985 by Rajesh Kapoor, Cengrow is one of the oldest privately owned management consulting firm in India. Cengrow began its operations in New Delhi and earned reputation in providing holistic assistance to its clients in areas of learning & development and total quality management.

Cengrow expanded its portfolio in 1987, and backed organizations in business consulting, strategic planning and performance management. Furthermore, it commenced in-house research with a group on psychologists and subject matter experts to launch its assessment services in 1993. In 2003, it was awarded the 1st prize for the “most innovative HR practice” by Delhi Management Association and Watson Wyatt for its “assessment services” for Baxter India. Today, Cengrow is the largest provider of quality assessment services in India and one among the best in the world.We offer customised solutions for competency assessment, personality testsand competency based interviews.

Cengrow’s international division was established in 2013 with a focus on global consulting in the areas of organizational development and capacity building. We are committed to solving complex worldwide challenges through innovative solutions. We provide our clients with customized value services that improve and increase their efficiency, effectiveness, learning capacity, sustainability and accountability.

We have constantly exceeded our client’s expectations, and added value to their business. We have an enviable history of long term relations with our clients, who keep coming back and referring us.