International Services

To enhance the effectiveness of your organization we need to define the ‘current state’ and the opportunities for improvement and growth. To achieve this, we normally start with a diagnostic study of your internal and external work environment and vital information like vision/ mission/ values statement, operational strategy, structure and capacity, human resource, decision-making process, budget and approach to problems management. Our goal is primarily to assist your team in developing a strategic plan; secondly converting it to operational plan intended to increase your organization’s performance and finally implementing the same with a high level of commitment to meet the objectives.

The services provided by our experts at Cengrow include Psychomotor testing, questionnaire on competency mapping, sales skills assessment, 360 degree performance appraisaland other competency mapping tools. Each of the models used for the needs assessment and situational analysis are based on accepted best practices in both government and non-government sectors.

Organizational Development is the practice of growing your business through people, processes and systems. Cengrow’s approach to organizational development and governance utilizes an in-depth understanding about systems, human behavior and the governance required to lead both; in order to plan and manage the development of organizations into thriving, growing and healthy human systems that meet the needs of all their stakeholders.

We use systematic strategies and approaches to enhance organizational productivity and individual well-being. Our consultants work hands in hand with your governance body and executive management team to develop strategic plans, resolve issues and facilitate changes in order to build a solid foundation within the organization for continuous improvement and future crisis prevention.

We utilize many specialized tools and processes for organizational development and capacity building in conjunction with each other. The four categories of organizational development include:

  • Strategic Planning/ Management: It involves helding ‘Future Search’ conferences that help large and diverse groups to discover common values, purposes and projects; finally changing mind-sets to a corporate result based way of working. We aim at building a ‘learning organization’ to facilitating continual learning for people at all levels.
  • Techno-structural: Total quality management that involves work process re-design or re-engineering, organization re-design and infrastructure requirements.
  • Human Processes: Team building and conflict resolution that involves personal growth workshops, interpersonal skills and communications training, emotional intelligence training, coaching and counselling skills training.
  • Human Resource Management: It involves job design that encompass recruiting, selection and hiring, performance management, reward systems, multicultural training, coaching and mentoring. Cengrow’s consultants provide direct mentoring and emphasize an operational and implementable perspective, rather than an academic and theoretical approach. Our practical experience and expertise enables us to provide the most productive approach to meet a client’s need and has earned us a reputation for excellence.

Cengrow helps its clients articulate their vision and mission, set realistic yet challenging goals and implement effective strategies that involves application of resources to maximum potential.
We use VISI model for strategic and operational planning.

By successfully interlinking the three key elements- people, strategy and culture- you can significantly improve your organization’s performance, enhance employee productivity and increase the likelihood of achieving your strategic objectives.

It is only through connecting individual and team performance, and creating a culture of high performance that is aligned with the strategy, that performance management systems and processes can be designed in a sustainable manner for ongoing performance improvement.

We at Cengrow designs and implements result/ performance based management processes for bringing about tangible, escalating results in organizations. We offer to accelerate the pace of growth for your business within the existing resources.

Since each organization is unique, our experts first diagnose the key issues and problems to be addressed and then facilitate the committed involvement of your leadership team and key employees. Impact evaluation measures the net change over a particular time period in welfare outcomes for a particular group or groups of people that can be attributed to a specific, appropriately designed program using optimum resources.

Cengrow impact evaluation study attempts to answer the questions:

  • Whether the program is working or has worked as intended to meet the target?
  • If so, how well?
  • If not, why not?

Impact evaluation helps your leadership take decisions about scaling up, extending or cutting down. It can also be used for assessing the effectiveness of pilot programs and guides you- to make the necessary modifications to the main program or to explore other alternatives.

There is always a need to know why and how a program works, not just if it does work. An impact evaluation study also answers questions about program design- which parts work and which parts do not work, and therefore can provide policy-relevant information for re-designing the existing program as well as for the design of future programs.

By identifying if development assistance is working or not, impact evaluation serves the accountability function. Impact evaluation emphasizes the interpretation of results/ performance based management.

Impact evaluation assesses if the resources have been optimally deployed to provide the maximum benefit to the intended beneficiaries and measures the cost-benefit of the different initiatives undertaken by the program.

Effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critically important component of successful planning and management but applying it well to different strategies, programs or institutions is a challenge. Many donor agencies and other development finance institutions are increasingly recognizing the importance of not only conducting M&E as a central element of their assistance, but also ensuring that M&E systems are not discarded at the end of the assistance.

The provision of M&E expertise is a core, well-established service provided by Cengrow. We apply a participatory approach and apply the total quality management model to M&E services. This is achieved by:

  • Engaging with all key stakeholders when undertaking M&E activities
  • Developing effective evaluation criteria, measurement metrics — quantitative and qualitative indicators for measuring change
  • Developing accurate, targeted and cost-effective data collection mechanisms
  • Working with stakeholders in the design and establishment of M&E systems for others to implement
  • Providing training in the use of M&E techniques.

Successful monitoring and evaluation serves to enhance transparency and accountability, increasing investor and donor confidence.

Cengrow uses its technical and organizational expertise to build capacity in institutions that are striving for sustainable development. By employing a range of techniques, we help institutions, non-profit organizations and governments across all levels and improve their capacity for delivering programs that work well and have impact.

We specialize in training the leadership, management and staff personnel; developing their skills and competencies for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness leading to improved performance and productivity in all aspects of their work. Our focused, results-oriented and needs-based approach to capacity enhancement has been widely recognized and appreciated by our clients.

Cengrow has extensive credentials and over 30 years of experience in assisting its clients to transform boards of directors, senior management, staff personnel and the overall organizations. We achieve this transformation by designing and conducting in-house training programs to meet your organization’s specific needs of developing people. Our clients have reported improved performance and productivity via our tailor-made workshops. We train people on program management, behavioral sciences and objective-based skills in selected functional and cross-functional areas.

Cengrow’s consultants have been imparting interactive and experience-based training to people from over 60 nationalities which include Bangladesh, Canada, Caribbean Region, China, Egypt, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Pacific Islands, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our team has conducted more than 600 workshops around the world on project management, strategic planning, budgeting and financial management, monitoring and evaluation, organizational development, leadership and governance, performance management, coaching and mentoring, team building, conflict management and training of trainers.

Our expertise helps organizations in the following areas of capacity building:

  • Competency Gap Analysis/ Training Need Analysis
  • Training Program/ Courses Design, Development and Delivery
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Training on Impact Evaluation
  • Certifications

Our experience and client-centered approach ensures that organizations receive comprehensive solutions for capacity building.

Cengrow’s online e-Surveys are result of our unique combination of advanced analytics, leading-edge technology and comprehensive change management capabilitie. It provide insights that lead to actions, you can implement efficiently and sustain over time.

Cengrow designs a custom e-Survey based on your needs. We help you create questions that will maximize your ability to collect valid and reliable data that can be applied to your situation. While some questions are ‘standard’; together we formulate a number of new questions that pinpoint pressure points in your organization/ projects/ community. We phrase the questions in clear and exact terms that everyone taking the survey will understand.

Our consultants help you create a system of metrics that serve multiple purposes:

  • Establish a baseline against which future change can be gauged
  • Make comparisons between units (regions, locations, communities, age-groups, etc.)
  • Form a basis for determining merit or performance standards

Cengrow e-Surveys are a flexible, user-friendly and low-cost service that helps capture the opinions of your people on dimensions that are most critical to the success of your business.