Cengrow (Centre for Growth Alternatives) is one among global leaders in management consulting firms and has transformed businesses in all sectors and regions in India and across the planet. We have partnered with a range of clients to develop need based solutions that have acted as business drivers, impacting their bottom line by improving productivity while reducing costs.

In the last 30 years, we have assisted over 600 top multi-national firms, family owned businesses, government organizations and INGOs to successfully address their performance challenge and business requirements in India as well as other countries. Our strength comes from well-researched models and accredited consultants with a vast experience in international organizations, industries, NGOs and management consulting.

We have established a long-term and sustainable relationship with our clients. Our services include employee satisfactionsurvey, employee engagementsolutions and projective techniqueslike an e-assessmentform.

Companies that like to outperform their competitors and strive to become a better place to work, opt for our services.

Success with our clients is based on mutual trust, cooperation, confidence, appropriateness of services provided and professionalism. Enhanced organizational development, demonstrated results/ achievements and the sheer number of projects that our team has successfully completed successfully, adds on to the demand for our client-based services. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders as a team and thus they are part of the overall development, implementation and evaluation of their own solutions to the challenges.

We at Cengrow have a passion to make our clients achieve the best.

“To develop competencies and models, adaptable and adoptable across cultures and economies.”