Psychomotortesting is a neuropsychological evaluation is a combination of tests of senses or perception thatassesstheindividual’sability to perceiveinstructionsandperformmotorresponses Speed, Accuracy, Safety, Productivity, Quality, Rework and Wastage have strong correlation with psychomotor abilities as borne out by research

It works on the premise that many behavioral and learning problems have neurologic contributors – genetic or acquired and are not based only on personality malfunctioning. Although neuropsychological evaluation uses large number and type of instruments  in the assessment.

The content of the assessment battery, though is dependent upon the specific needs of the client, generally includes assessment of the following:

  • Memory – ability to learn and recall new information.
  • Spatial and perceptual – ability to analyze visual designs, assemble puzzles or appreciate spatial relationships.
  • Attention to concentration – ability to pay attention for short or long periods of time and/or with distractions.
  • Problem-solving – ability to analyze and solve real-life or abstract problems.
  • Motor and sensory abilities – ability to perform tasks requiring control, coordination and appropriate responses from all parts of the body and the individual’s responsiveness to sensory inputs.

These tests can be used by BPO’s, Software Development Companies, Manufacturing and Service Sector Organizations.