There are also many decisions that need to be made to design a system ideally suited for YOUR organization’s needs. The purposes for a performance management system should be determined by considering your business needs, organizational culture and the system’s integration with other human resource management systems.

Aperformance management system in your organization could be used for decision-making, such as pay increases, promotions, transfers, assignments, reductions in force or other administrative HR actions. It could also be used for development, to guide the training, job experiences, mentoring and other developmental activities that employees will engage in to develop their capabilities.

Cengrow experts ensure that your performance management system is user-friendly, effective and has well-articulated tools and processes for accomplishing evaluation activities, with defined roles and timelines for both managers and employees. It make sure that all employees are treated in a fair and equitable manner.

We also ensure that the most challenging and important part of developing an effective performance management system in your organization – it’s successfully implementation. We ensure that it is seriously taken by managers and employees and helps to contribute to your organisation’s bottom line and is a value-adding system.