A critical element of your organisation’s talent management strategy is to ensure you have a pipeline of talent that is ready, willing and able to lead and manage your organisation through the emerging landscape of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that is more and more defining today’s market place.Identifying and developing key talent is essential for your sustainable business success but it is a challenging process that needs expertise and this is best carried out with expert partners who can work with you to co-create exactly what is right for your business.

An assessment center is basically a series of assessments carried out using several techniques like simulation, psychometric test and exercises to make evaluation and appraisals to take critical decisions like selective or rejecting a candidate for recruitment, for promotions, separation etc. while a development center like an assessment center uses assessment techniques like simulation, psychometrics etc, but the purpose of it is totally different. A development center is conducted only for the developmental purposes of the employees. It is conducted to assess potential, to identify strengths and development needs and the end result is a well-documented individual development plan for each participant.

The rich experience and expertise of Cengrow in handling a variety of intervention strategies, equips its Assessment Division to design and operate Assessment & Development Centers, structured to systematically explore strengths and weaknesses of individuals. This approach is carefully tailored by our professionals and is uniquely customized to suit our client’s requirements.